VIDEO: Terrifying moment when stroller with toddler inside falls onto train tracks

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Thursday, December 4, 2014
Dramatic surveillance video of stroller on train tracks
Dramatic images out of Australia show the moment a baby stroller carrying a toddler rolled onto train tracks

An 18 month old girl was in her stroller when it rolled off a train platform and onto the tracks in Melbourne, Australia.

Footage was captured at the Diamond Creek Station when the stroller carrying the girl slowly rolled onto the tracks. The girl's grandfather in the video had been using a ticket machine with his back turned as the incident happened.

Shortly after the stroller rolled onto the tracks, the video shows the grandfather jump down and retrieve the girl with the help of other bystanders. Phillip Evrall, who saw the accident unfold, told Nine News the girl suffered a "serious injury" around her eye-socket and was bleeding from her nose as well. The child is in stable condition at Royal Children's Hospital with a minor fracture to her nose.