Back to school: Authorities remind students to wear helmets as they head back to campus

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Saturday, August 12, 2023
Back to school safety: Authorities remind students to wear helmets
Back to school means more students riding their bikes around campus! Which is why officials are going the extra mile to remind students about wearing a helmet.

EAGLE ROCK, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- As students head back to school, drivers are being reminded of school zone safety as the Los Angeles City Council approved a plan to install speed humps near 50 area schools.

Doug Shupe with the Automobile Club of Southern California helped demonstrate the importance of kids wearing safety helmets this week.

"We know the kids are going to be out there walking, bicycling, taking the school bus, so as drivers we really need to be careful," he said. "Speed limits are in school zones for a reason."

Shupe joined ABC7's Tony Cabrera near Eagle Rock High School to demonstrate some of the warning signs near a campus.

"You want to make sure you're talking with your kids about crossing in safe areas," said Shupe. "At the crosswalks. Obeying the instructions from the crossing guards. Don't cross between parked cars; drivers can't see young children."

Shupe says it is also a good practice to make sure your children make eye contact with a driver so you know they see you. He also offered a visual demonstration of the difference between wearing a helmet (or not) by using a watermelon!

He advises parents make sure any helmet is snug to the head.

He showed the difference between hard contact with a melon covered with a helmet, and a helmet on its own.

"Make sure your child has that helmet every single ride," said Shupe.

As for drivers, there's one rule you should always follow: Don't get distracted, especially in school zones.