Coronavirus: Bank of America to begin reopening branches temporarily closed during pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic caused the closure of many businesses, and now this includes banking for Bank of America customers in Southern California.

Saturday, July 11, 2020
Coronavirus: Bank of America to begin reopening branches
Many customers are finding their Bank of America branch is closed. Many say they haven't been notified and only became aware through signs posted on their bank doors.

Your options for just about everything are reduced because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and that includes banking.

Customers are finding doors locked at a number of Bank of America branches in Anaheim and Garden Grove.

"Nothing on a door except the, 'temporary closed' so don't know if that's because of the virus or," said Steve Simon in Anaheim.

It's not just closed to in-person banking.

"I just come into the ATM to take money, but I can't right now," said Eswinomar Pineda Hernandez in Anaheim.

The ATM's are also not working at this branch.

"Do they tell us anything? No, they don't," said Sandra Hinojosa in Anaheim.

Some customers tell Eyewitness News their bank branch has been closed for the past week. Another Anaheim branch that was open, had a long line outside.

"It's suppose to be like the best bank, I don't know what's going on you know, but you know I just want that you know when you need your money your money's there," said Roberto Onofre from Stanton.

Bank of America says it has more than 150 branches open across Los Angeles.

A statement from Bank of America reads in part:

"We continue to take steps to support our clients and employees during the health crisis, which at times may include temporarily closing some financial centers when our staffing is not sufficient for all to remain open."

Bank of America says it expects to begin reopening sites that were briefly closed starting later this week and into next week.

For at least one customer, that might not be soon enough.

"There's a B of A where I live in Corona. I don't know if that bank is open, but if it is, I'm gonna go and get all my money and I'm closing my accounts," said Desiree Andreozzi, a resident of Corona.

As for access to safety deposit boxes, the sign on the door says: Call to make an appointment. One financial expert suggests keeping important items at home.

"I would have my own fire-proof safe in my house and I would put items in there in a safe location, such as cash, passports, wills, trusts," says Brian Gilder, a certified financial planner.

Bank of America says customers also have access 24/7 through its mobile app and online banking. It also says its ATM network gets restocked regularly. Although as we heard from customers, some ATMs have been closed for days.