Recent storms affect youth sports across SoCal

Hermosa Beach Little League volunteers have been spending hours trying to dry out Clark Field so kids can hopefully play soon.

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Thursday, March 16, 2023
Recent storms affect youth sports across SoCal
Some baseball players haven't had the chance to practice or play after storms saturated fields.

HERMOSA BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- The recent back-to-back storms in Southern California have affected youth sports, especially baseball.

Puddles and mud have taken over most fields this year.

Arcadia High School's varsity baseball team has had to get creative with practices.

"We've been in the gym more this year than we have been in previous years combined, but fortunately, we've been able to work it out with other sports and found some time where we can get some work in the gym. It's not ideal," said Nick Lemas, Arcadia's head baseball coach.

Despite the weather, they have played really well this season so far.

Other teams, like those in the Hermosa Beach Little League, don't have the indoor resources to practice.

"It's been brutal. We've got a lot of mom and dad volunteers that spend a lot prepping for the season, getting it ready to launch and so far we've had to cancel I think 35 games so far, which is close to approaching 10% of our scheduled games for the season,' said Mark Mamber, president of the Hermosa Beach Little League.

The kids in the league say the weather has been a letdown.

"I was supposed to play his team today, but it got canceled because of all the rain and I've played one game and that's it," said Odin Shaw, center fielder in the Hermosa Beach Little League.

The league has more than 450 kids that are signed up for the season and they play on Clark Field in Hermosa Beach.

"Not being able to play is not good because it's not fun. It's baseball season. We should be playing," said Rex Mamber, second baseman in the Hermosa Beach Little League.

Some kids haven't even played yet.

"Last year, it was sunny. This year, it's like cloudy and I haven't, well my team has played, but I wasn't here, so I haven't played this season yet," said Luca Jacobson, catcher in the Hermosa Beach Little League.

The team says the city of Hermosa Beach and the public works department have been helpful in any way they can offer assistance.

Volunteers are putting in hours trying to get the field ready to hopefully play soon.

"Once we clear the puddles, that eliminates too much mud, and then we rake over the dirt with a heavy nail stagger that turns it over, let the sun cook it for a little bit and then we smooth it out," said Tim Gibson, head volunteer with the Hermosa Beach Little League.

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