Tranquilized cub dies during search for bear responsible for two attacks in Sierra Madre area

A mother bear and her cub were captured in the Sierra Madre area, but were later found not responsible for the attacks.
SIERRA MADRE, Calif. (KABC) -- A bear cub that was captured in the search for another bear that attacked two people in the Sierra Madre area died as a result of being tranquilized, but the bear in question has not been found.

On Monday, a 19-year-old who had fallen asleep in her backyard was attacked by a bear and is now recovering. The following day, a female bear and her cub were captured in the area by the California Fish and Wildlife Department as they searched for the bear responsible for the attack.

Investigators collected bear DNA from the woman's wounds but they were not a match for the mother bear, who was later released back into the forest. The cub, however, had "an immediate and fatal reaction to the tranquilizing drug," according to Capt. Patrick Foy with the department.

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On Monday, a bear did something you rarely hear about: It attacked a 19-year old woman who had fallen asleep in her backyard.

The drug, Telazol, is common in veterinary medicine and fatal reactions are highly unusual, Foy added.

This week's bear attack happened in the same area where a homeless man was attacked by a bear a year ago and, based on DNA evidence, authorities say it's the same bear. But it's still on the loose and if captured, it will be euthanized.

Wildlife attacks may be rare, but seemingly less so this year. California has seen a higher than normal number of dangerous animal interactions.

"We've had three mountain lion attacks in California since January and we've had one coyote attack in Orange County and this bear attack two days ago. It's not something that's common."

Experts warn that bears may look cute, but if you come across one, make yourself big and make as much noise as possible. Do not be timid.

"If a person is actually attacked we tell people, fight back. Fight back as if your life depends on it," Capt. Foy said.

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