Riverside neighborhood buzzing with massive bee swarm

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Friday, February 24, 2017
Riverside neighborhood buzzing with massive bee swarm
Foam has been sprayed on a Riverside tree infested with bees, but it hasn't kept away the massive swarm.

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (KABC) -- A Riverside woman and her family feel like prisoners in their own home after a massive swarm of bees took over a city tree in front of her property.

Every time Crystal de la Cruz goes outside to her car, she has to run to avoid what she describes as a "tornado" of bees.

"I just see a huge danger, a hazard. I'm afraid to be at my own home," she said.

De la Cruz reached out to ABC7 on this story using #abc7eyewitness.

She said she has been complaining to the city for eight months about the bees.

The city sent contractors to spray foam on the tree a few months ago, but they returned. Another contractor sprayed foam again this week.

"They are eating away at the foam from the inside as well as from the outside," she said. "So they're not going to go away."

She remains concerned about children who often go running on the sidewalk in the neighborhood.

Now, finally, the city says it plans to cut down the tree on Saturday. City officials are warning residents to stay indoors while the work occurs.