104-year-old woman's wish to hold a penguin comes true: 'I didn't expect this'

"Best part was petting him and seeing him closeup," she said.
FARMINGTON, Conn. -- One special grandmother made a lifelong wish and Saturday, it came true.

A Farmington local had the dream of getting to hold a penguin and the Mystic Aquarium and the Twilight Wish CT made it all possible.

Bertha Komor said, "I didn't expect this, it's wonderful."

Komor, who is 104, is a resident of Farmington, and her lifetime wish was to be able to hold a penguin.

Her caregivers and Twilight Wish Connecticut made her dreams come true.

"Best part was petting him and seeing him closeup," said Komor.

Komor was not only joined by her friends, but her daughter and granddaughter surprised her for big day.

Granddaughter Karen Rivkin said, "I am just so excited for her and just so happy that she was able to have this wish come true and to just have been in our life for as long as she has."

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