Chicago's BienMeSabe is 'heaven' for Venezuelan MLB stars

ByJayme Nicholas & Jordan Arseneau Localish logo
Monday, November 13, 2023
BienMeSabe is the spot for Venezuelan comfort food in Ravenswood
White Sox shortstop Elvis Andrus says one bite of food from BienMeSabe can take him back to his mother's cooking in Venezuela.BienMeSabe's menu offers Venezuelan fare like tequenos, tostones, empanadas, plantains, pabellon and arepas.

CHICAGO -- If you're a Venezuelan Major League baseball player yearning for home cooking, where would you go? BienMeSabe.

If you are a Chicagoan wanting to sample some the city's best ethnic food, what restaurant might you visit? BienMeSabe.

BienMeSabe brings authentic Venezuelan dishes to Chicagoans and to many of those no longer living in their native country.

Venezuelan Chicago White Sox 2nd baseman Elvis Andrus can always count on BienMeSabe for a taste of home, "I can close my eyes eat it and it brings me back to Venezuela and my moms cooking."

Owner Pedro Ron and his partner opened BienMeSabe ten years ago and today run two popular locations, one in downtown Chicago and one in Chicago's Ravenswood neighborhood. As Pedro explains, BienMeSabe means "it tastes good to me" and as the head chef who oversees menu selections, he makes sure everything really does taste very good.

BienMeSabes menu offers mouth-watering fare featuring tequenos appetizers, fried cheese wrapped in wheat flour, tostones, empanadas, plantains and pabellon as well as vegan and gluten free choices.

But their signature arepas, which are traditional Venezuelan corn four bread stuffed with either beef, shrimp, chorizo or veggies and scrumptious homemade cheese, are fan favorites.

The beef for the arepas simmers for about four hours, resulting in maximum juiciness.

Pedro says he can eat arepas morning, noon and night and proclaims, "arepas are a piece of happiness from Venezuela to the world." And if you need a little refreshment to complement your arepa, there's nothing like "chicha" a creamy specialty drink called a Venezuelan rice smoothie.

In addition to great food, patrons may want to stop by BienMeSabes "Wall of Fame," where Venezuelan baseball players from the Chicago White Sox, like Elvis Andrus, the Chicago Cubs and other Major Leaguers, sign the wall after enjoying some Venezuelan deliciousness.

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