Woman makes list to support LA's Black-owned restaurants

Inspired by the ongoing protests sparked by the death of George Floyd, one woman comes up with a way to contribute by making a list supporting LA's Black-owned restaurants.
INGLEWOOD, Calif. (KABC) -- With ongoing protests happening sparked by the death of George Floyd, many people are trying to come up with ways they can contribute. One woman did just that by making a list that went viral.

The death of George Floyd has started a global movement. There have been several protests, petition signings and donations to non-profits. Kat Hong said she had a deep desire to contribute but just didn't know how.

"There's so many great organizations," Hong said. "I felt a bit paralyzed with where I should even start."

Hong is an editorial assistant for The Infatuation, a site that helps people find the best restaurants in their area. She decided to combine her passion for restaurants and her skill for making spreadsheets to make a list of Black-owned restaurants in LA and she says she's seen the difference it's made.

"The fact that these businesses are able to see a change and that the community is showing up for them, that's incredible," Hong said. "That's really almost all that I could have ever asked for."

Mark Walker is a co-founder of Inglewood's Comfort LA, a restaurant that was featured on the list. He said he's also seen the impact.

"We've seen a drastic increase since the list came out and we're truly thankful for that," Walker said.

A tweet Hong put out with the spreadsheet now featuring almost 350 Black-owned restaurants in LA, got almost 300,000 retweets and nearly 3,500 likes. It even inspired others to make similar lists in other communities, but Hong says there were some negative comments as well.

"A lot of those comments come from like the Asian American community," Hong said. "A lot of Asian businesses were hit quite hard at the beginning of coronavirus because of just straight up racism actually and I'm like that is valid and I hear you, but right now it's especially hard for Black-owned businesses."

Hong went on to say that many Black-owned restaurants are only just now getting any media coverage.

"So many of these restaurants have never been covered in the publications that are talking about them," Hong said. "Even my own company has never ever printed the words Black-owned restaurant before."

"With the George Floyd scenario, it's forcing everyone to look within themselves and ask 'What can I do? How can I do better?'" Walker said.

Here's how you can support Black-owned businesses in Los Angeles.

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