Former Rams player creates BLQK Coffee - "Pour with a purpose"

ALHAMBRA -- Retired NFL Rams Player and Super Bowl Winner, Justin Watson, fell in love with coffee during his pro-football days when he needed some extra caffeine to stay awake during play-review meetings. Watson recently launched his new business, BLQK Coffee, to introduce customers to high quality coffee that helps support global farming communities and local organizations.

BLQK stands for Building Legacies for our Queens and Kings, and Watson invites customers to to Pour with a purpose.

The beans BLQK roasts are all sourced from women-owned farms in Ethiopia which Watson refers to as, the homeland of coffee, the birthplace.

Once the beans reach the BLQK roasting facility in Alhambra, they go through a meticulous process to transform from their natural state as green beans into the dark beans everyone recognizes.

"Our coffee is roasted to perfection. It's not over-roasted so it wont be bitter," Watson said.

Watson emphasizes the importance of making a great medium roast that brings out all the natural flavors of the beans so that customers can enjoy their coffee black without needing any additives like cream and sugar.

"You'll see that the detail of our coffee and the way it sits on your palette, you can taste the favors of cocoa and berries and all the things that you should taste in a freshly roasted coffee," Watson said.

Part of BLQKs mission is to give 25% of all profits back to local communities.

Watson shared, "We operate in a spirit of love. I think love is part of the healing process that we need in this day and age."

Watson invites everyone to join BLQKs subscription service for the convenience of having fresh coffee delivered on a regular basis, while also supporting a social justice mission.

"Your cup of coffee can actually be the agent of change in a kids life," said Watson.

Visit BLQK Coffee's website to place an order and use the discount code, "ABCBLQK," at checkout for 20% off.

Instagram: @blqkcoffee