Blue Ivy steals the show by scolding Beyonce, Jay-Z at the Grammys

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Monday, January 29, 2018
Blue Ivy scolds Beyonce, Jay-Z at the Grammys
Blue Ivy had a show-stealing moment at the Grammys, when she appeared to tell her parents to stop clapping.

NEW YORK -- Beyonce and Jay-Z's oldest child is only 6, but she already knows how to set off a Twitter storm.

Blue Ivy appeared to tell Mom and Dad to stop clapping during the Grammy Awards, using a gesture that many on social media were calling regal.

Blue Ivy, who as of last June is an older sister to twins Rumi and Sir Carter, sat between her parents at the awards show in Madison Square Garden on Sunday night. As Camila Cabello spoke, Blue Ivy seemed to decide that it was not the time to clap and gestured at her parents to stop. The moment went by quickly, but Twitter users had plenty to say about it.