Photo of K-Pop BTS band member makes it onto ABC7 graduation 2020 tribute

A devoted fan sneaks a photo of K-Pop BTS band member Jungkook Jeon onto ABC7 during the daily graduation 2020 tribute.
GLENDALE -- We love bringing you photos every day of our graduating high school seniors. And from the more than 8,000 submissions we've received, one got through that shouldn't have; and it sure caused a social media sensation!

Someone sent in a picture of a young man, suggesting he was a graduate from Rowland Heights. Well, he is actually a member of the hit South Korean super group, BTS, Jungkook Jeon.

As soon as we aired it, their fans known as #BTSARMY, started having a field day, racking up tens of thousands of likes on Twitter. We didn't want to slight the other members of BTS so with a little help from our friends in the ABC7 graphics department, we put ALL the guys from the group in graduation attire.

And to make up for the little oops, we thought it only right to highlight a REAL grad from Rowland Heights. So a special congratulations to Erika Santos!!

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