4 men arrested on suspicion of at least 19 burglaries in Rampart area

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Several burglary suspects were arrested and are accused in a string of crimes. Authorities believe there may be more victims.

Detectives said the group is responsible for at least 19 burglaries in the Rampart area. Their crime spree started in August and ended when they were arrested last week.

Authorities released photos of the loot that was taken from some of the burglaries, which included jewelry and in one case a few guitars.

The four-man crew would find easy places to get into, usually through a window and grab what they could, authorities said.

One of the victims described what happened to him and his girlfriend.

"These guys climbed in through our second-story window and stole two guitars and a purse. They did it pretty quick, it seems like, and after that we filed a police report," Russell Manning said.

Authorities believe there may be more victims and anyone who believes they might be should contact the LAPD. People may also call the LAPD if they believe some of those items may be theirs.
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