Harry Potter-themed cafe opens in Downtown Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Nimbus Coffee opened its doors on Tuesday and it bills itself as a place for wizards, witches and muggles alike.

Potion makers or baristas can make pastries, coffees, magical shakes like "blueberry polyjuice" and "giggle water" which infuse spices, herbs, bubbles and fruit.

The cafe is owned by an L.A. born mother-daughter team, who have different reasons why they went into the coffee business.

"I spent a lot of time in coffee shops when I was in law school studying and I wanted a place more like me, that had food, really good coffee," said Eviana Farrar. "I would say that it's an urban wizard theme and I picked it because it's a part of me, becoming a childlike spirit and I wanted something that would capture that and also put my own special twist on everything."

Eviana's mom, Shawn Farrar added, "I said I would pay for law school, but then after she finished law school and wasn't enthused about practicing law, she said, 'Mama I want to do something I can cook,' and she cooks really well. So, we're going to have different types of dishes."

While this isn't an official Harry Potter property, it's packed with magical details, like a wall of wands from Ollivanders, a newspaper with moving pictures, and paintings of celebrities as witches and wizards.

Nimbus is open Tuesday through Sunday and will have an official grand opening in about a month.
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