Best way to talk to someone at EDD? Skip the phone

Want to know the best way to talk to someone with the EDD? Hint: It's not on the phone.

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Friday, February 12, 2021
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Loree Levy, deputy director of public affairs at EDD, answers viewer questions about unemployment benefits.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- With so many Californians struggling with unemployment, we spoke with Loree Levy, EDD's deputy director of public affairs, to get your questions answered.

What is the best way to talk to someone with the EDD?

You might think calling on the phone may be the best way to talk to someone, but you may be able to get your question answered by first doing some research online. The EDD website has an FAQ section that is updated weekly.

"Often times I hear from our call center representatives that the information someone waited forever on a phone to try to get could have been found in much, much quicker time on our website," said Levy in an interview with ABC7.

If my claim year hasn't ended but my money has, do I still have to wait to reapply for a new claim?

When you open your claim, it's good for a year. There has been some extension in benefits, so there were 11 new weeks of benefits added if you're running out of pandemic unemployment assistance claim, or one of those federal extensions of benefits. But, if you've gone through all that, unfortunately you do have to wait for that next year long period to be able to apply.

Watch the video above for more detailed explanations on the questions above as well as answers to:

- How do I know if I qualify for an extension?

- What happens if I can't find a job when my claim runs out?

- How can we prevent being scammed from Bank of America?

- My account was flagged for fraud. I sent in my documents to verify the claim. What's next?

- Can you qualify for unemployment if you have no child care available?

- Will EDD pay back benefits from the time accounts were suspended?

- Is there a difference in the benefits between furlough and official lay-off?

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