Heat wave: RVs are hot ticket for Southlanders seeking cooler temps amid sweltering temperatures

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Friday, September 2, 2022
RVs are hot ticket for those seeking cooler temps amid heat wave
As the sweltering heat wave blankets California, many Southlanders are flocking to RVs in search of cooler pastures.

SANTA FE SPRINGS, Calif. (KABC) -- There's no escaping the brutal heat over Southern California if you plan to take a road trip anywhere for Labor Day weekend.

AAA said some of the top destinations this weekend are Phoenix, Las Vegas and San Diego - all of which are experiencing this heat wave.

However, families are still loading up in RVs looking to enjoy the holiday weekend.

For example, the Traup family just landed in California from Germany and is ready to set off on a four-week road trip in an RV.

"Now we're heading up north, getting to national parks, to Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon as well, Yosemite National Park," said Tawso Traup.

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Friday will be the busiest travel day of the Labor Day weekend as thousands of people head out of town on Southern California freeways and roads.

The family of three was expecting the great weather that SoCal is known for. Instead, they were greeted with sweltering temperatures as an end of summer heat wave blankets the region.

"We have also a very hot summer in Germany this year, hotter than normal, so I think it's the same temperature right now," said Jessaca Traup.

"We're trying to beat the heat because we'll have an air conditioner which is not that common in Germany," her husband added.

Just like the Traup family, millions of people will hit the road for Labor Day.

Tom Wigginton, director of operations for El Monte RV Rentals, said they've been sold out for weeks leading up to the holiday weekend.

He said state and national parks are some of the most popular destinations, but with higher than normal gas prices, he said many people plan to stay local.

"A lot of folks taking these RVs are going to places to escape the heat. They're going to the coast or they're going to the mountains. They're doing something nice like that because it is warm right now," Wigginton said.

Whatever their final destination may be, Wigginton said a heat wave or the price at the pump should not stop families from spending time together.

"You really can't let something like a spike in fuel keep you from enjoying your life and getting out on the road and making those memories that will last a lifetime," he said.

"We're super excited because it's our first holiday with our little kid," Tawso said.

If you are going to be hitting the road, make sure that your car's maintenance is up to date, because the last thing you need is to be stuck on the side of the road in this heat.