California Lottery scratchers worth a combined $42M sold recently in SoCal

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Thursday, January 5, 2023
$10M lottery scratcher ticket sold at Baldwin Park store
A California Lottery scratcher ticket worth $20 million and two worth $10 million each were sold recently in SoCal.

BALDWIN PARK, Calif. (KABC) -- Four Southern Californians found themselves becoming instant multimillionaires recently after they scratched off lottery tickets that paid a combined $42 million.

The California Lottery announced several recent scratcher wins in SoCal that include one ticket worth $20 million, two tickets worth $10 million each and one worth $2 million.

The $20 million ticket represented the biggest available prize for any California scratcher ticket and Mary Higelin became only the fourth person in state history to snag that jackpot. Her Set For Life Millionaire Edition ticket was sold at CN Liquor in Norco.

Retailers are paid a bonus of one-half of 1% for selling the winning tickets, meaning the liquor store gets $100,000.

A $10 million scratcher was sold at Jensen's Market on Maine Avenue in Baldwin Park. Salvador Carbajal is claiming that big win.

A store employee who sold the lucky ticket recalled making the sale.

"It was exciting!" store employee Milton Polanco told the California Lottery. "We sold the ticket back in September. I had this guy playing Scratchers for a while. He was playing different games, switching back and forth."

"It was big news in town," he added. "Our regular customers definitely know we sold that ticket."

Jensen's Market receives a bonus of $50,000 for selling the ticket.

Another $10 million ticket was sold in Sherman Oaks at Fulton Square Liquor. Roberto Nunes takes the prize for the $10 Million Dollar Titanium Black Scratchers ticket.

Nicholas Simpson won $2 million for an Instant Prize Crossword Scratchers ticket purchased in Los Angeles at the Sunwest 58 Mobil Station on Sunset Boulevard.