SurveyUSA poll: Most Californians say the state is ready to reopen

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- An exclusive Eyewitness News poll asked Californians how they feel about the state reopening Tuesday, to which most said the state is ready, while roughly one in five said the rollback of restrictions is coming too early.

Among those polled, 21% said the state's reopening is "too soon," but 42% said the June 15 date is fitting, while 25% said the rollback is overdue. The remaining 11% were unsure.

When asked about mask wearing, 64% of respondents said they plan on still wearing a face covering indoors, even if it's not required. Twenty-four percent said they will not wear a mask indoors and 12% weren't sure.

Numbers shifted when it came to mask wearing outdoors. When asked if they will wear a mask in outdoor public places, even if it's not required, 44% said yes and 45% said no. Just 11% said they're not sure.

California lifted most COVID-19 restrictions Tuesday more than a year after it became the first state in the U.S. to impose a shutdown to prevent the spread of the virus.

In the poll conducted by Survey USA, 600 California adults were interviewed last week. Here is the full list and the results of each question:

1. Beginning June 15th, California will "fully reopen" its economy and lift most statewide Coronavirus restrictions. Is the June 15th reopening too soon? Overdue? Or just about right?

21% Too Soon
25% Overdue
42% Just About Right
11% Not Sure

2. Regardless of the June 15th reopening, will you personally choose to wear a mask in indoor public places, even if you are not required to?

64% Yes
24% No
12% Not Sure

3. Who, if anyone, do you personally think still be required to wear masks in indoor public places?

36% Everyone
40% Only Those Unvaccinated
14% No One
10% Not Sure

4. Will you personally choose to wear a mask in outdoor public places, even if you are not required to?

44% Yes
45% No
11% Not Sure

5. Which of these best describes how you feel about masks?

Masks were never necessary to keep people safe from the Coronavirus.
Masks were necessary to keep people safe at one or more points during the past year, but have not been necessary for some time now.
Masks have just recently stopped being necessary to keep people safe.
Masks are still necessary to keep people safe.

19% Were Never Necessary
23% Were Necessary At One Or More Points
9% Just Recently Stopped Being Necessary
46% Still Necessary
3% Not Sure

6. Employees at some businesses might continue to wear masks after June 15. Would you be more likely or less likely to shop at a business where the employees are wearing masks? Or would it not make a difference to you either way?

54% More Likely To Shop There
6% Less Likely
38% No Difference
2% Not Sure

7. Should businesses and venues be allowed to request proof of vaccine status for customers?

43% Yes
44% No
13% Not Sure

8. Should businesses and venues be allowed to deny service to unvaccinated customers?

37% Yes
50% No
13% Not Sure

9. Should employers be allowed to request proof of vaccine status for their workers?

56% Yes
35% No
9% Not Sure

10. Should employers be allowed to fire workers who choose not to be vaccinated, assuming there is no medical reason the worker cannot be vaccinated?

31% Yes
55% No
14% Not Sure

11. Which of these do you think is the most important reason some businesses are facing a shortage of workers?

Because workers are afraid of getting the Coronavirus?
Because businesses do not pay a living wage?
Because the extra $300 a week in unemployment benefits discourages people from working?
Or some other reason?

25% Workers Afraid Of Getting Coronavirus
28% Businesses Do Not Pay a Living Wage
36% Unemployment Benefits Discourages People
3% Other
8% Not Sure

12. Before the Coronavirus, did you work outside the home? Work entirely from home? Or not work?

53% Outside The Home
14% Entirely From Home
32% Did Not Work
2% Not Sure

13. Today, are you working in the same job as you were before the Coronavirus? Have changed jobs? Or have stopped working altogether?

65% Same Job
11% Changed Jobs
22% Stopped Working
2% Not Sure

14. Have you been working from home because of the Coronavirus?

49% Yes
50% No
0% Not Sure

15. Is your employer encouraging you to return to your workplace? Encouraging you to continue working from home? Or leaving the choice entirely up to you?

41% To Return
30% To Continue Working From Home
28% Leaving The Choice Entirely Up To You
2% Not Sure

16. Would you prefer to return to your workplace? Continue working from home? Or a hybrid of both?

30% Return To Workplace
41% Continue Working From Home
28% Hybrid Of Both
1% Not Sure

17. If your employer wanted you to return to the workplace 5 days a week, would you be happy to do so? Would you have mixed emotions? Would you be unhappy, but not unhappy enough to look for a new job? Or would you be unhappy enough to look for another job?

38% Happy To Do So
41% Have Mixed Emotions
16% Unhappy / Not Enough To Look For a New Job
4% Unhappy Enough To Look For Another Job
1% Not Sure

18. Is your employer requiring workers who are in-person to wear masks?

72% Yes
19% No
5% No One In Person
4% Not Sure

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