A magical candlelit dining experience under the stars

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Wednesday, August 26, 2020
Escape the chaos at this magical place!
Candlelight is a unique series of magical dining experiences!

LOS ANGELES -- Candlelight is a unique series of magical dining experiences!

Surrounded by sounds of classical music under the stars, guests enjoy a special night out. Set in an intimate atmosphere at different venues around the world, Candlelight is a mini escape amid the on-going pandemic - where social distancing is practiced and guests are expected to follow strict safety guidelines - yet a wonderful, romantic night out is made possible with good food and music.

"You can just get lost for a second. That's what I hope people walk away with," said Benjamin Simon, project manager with Fever.

The original idea was to make classical music more accessible. It's usually hosted in historic churches and grand venues, but since the onset of COVID-19, Candlelight shifted to outdoor, open-air venues where dinner is a focal point. Music is played, but it's not a concert.

"It was beautiful. The ambiance was everything. The music was wonderful," said Stacey Davis, a Los Angeles resident.

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