VIDEO: Carjacking suspect wrestled by CHP from stolen vehicle in Burbank

BURBANK, Calif. (KABC) -- A carjacking situation that began in Pasadena on Wednesday morning came to an end in Burbank when police were able to wrestle the suspect from the stolen vehicle.

The California Highway Patrol initially received calls about a grey SUV making excessive and unsafe lane changes in the Pasadena area. The erratic driver reportedly collided with a white SUV on the 210 Freeway near San Gabriel and proceeded to carjack that vehicle before heading westbound.

After unsuccessfully attempting to carjack a Metro Freeway Service Patrol car along the way, the suspect exited the freeway in Burbank. Officers then followed the suspect onto Riverside Drive, where he began to drive on the sidewalk and sideswipe other cars.

Video footage from witnesses shows the suspect driving on the wrong side of the road and changing directions in the middle of traffic to avoid capture.

"Me and a whole bunch of other cars could see that they were going back and forth, that this white car was just trying to escape any way possible," said Price Kelly, whose car was hit by the suspect's vehicle.

At one point, the suspect tried to flee on foot but returned to the SUV as an officer chased him back to the front seat of the stolen vehicle.

The suspect started to drive away again with the officer still hanging on to his body, but struggled to gain control of the damaged vehicle and was eventually apprehended.
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