Adorable baby boy named first ever Carter's Baby of the Year

ByRudy VIllarreal Localish logo
Monday, March 13, 2023
Carter's first "Baby of the Year" is too cute
"He's a blessing:" Parents hope their miracle baby is a light to others having a difficult time conceiving

CYPRESS, Texas -- The parents of Leonardo Munoz know they have a lovely baby - now the nation knows as well.

The baby apparel brand, Carter's, named Munoz as its first "Baby of the Year." His adorable smile can now be seen at Carter's stores nationwide.

His parents, Alejandra and Omar Munoz, call Leonardo their miracle baby after having a difficult time conceiving.

"Its really hard whenever you want things to happen at the time you want, but what we learned is that we received our baby when we were ready - everything we've been through, it was so worth it" Alejandra said.

As baby of the bear, the Munoz family will receive a lifetime supply of Carter's clothing.