YouTuber Casey Neistat flies over Finland thanks to giant drone

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016
casey neistat human flying drone
Casey Neistat via YouTube

FINLAND -- YouTuber and New Yorker Casey Neistat gave up his daily vlog a few weeks ago, but he's still making viral videos and his latest is an amazing one featuring him being pulled and flown by a giant drone.

Reminiscent of his snowboarding New York City's streets from last winter, Neistat and a team headed to Finland for a four-day shoot to create an epic 360 holiday video.

A massive drone took a team about a year to build, according to a behind-the-scenes video shot by Jesse Welle. It's so big that at least two people are needed to carry it.

In the video, Neistat - dressed as Santa - rides a snowboard pulled by the drone, which lifts him about 20 to 25 feet off the ground above rooftops and trees, and even up a ski slope.

All this effort to create such an amazing 360 video was part of a promotion for Samsung.

Multiple cameras were placed along the routes of Neistat's ride to capture it for his YouTube audience. The crews only had a few hours of daylight to shoot each day.

Check out Welle's behind-the-scenes video, which is also pretty epic: