Free Pilates classes offered at Inglewood Family Resource Center

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Tuesday, September 10, 2019
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LA Care partners with celebrity Pilates instructor to offer free Pilates classes in Inglewood at family resource center

INGLEWOOD, Calif. (KABC) -- Pilates classes are not always the most affordable, but celebrity Pilates instructor, Kim Carruthers, is trying to make her classes more available to different communities.

"My program is called Pilates in the Hood and what that is, is just bringing Pilates to neighborhoods that don't have the options or don't have Pilates programs," Carruthers said.

Carruthers said she teamed up with L.A. Care almost 11 years ago to make Pilates more accessible.

"A lot of the exercises are really good for brain acuity. Studies have proven that it helps kids with test scores. It helps with stress and anxiety and so many different things," Carruthers said. "It's a lot about coordination, about focus, and about determination."

The L.A. Care Family Resource Center in Inglewood offers her Pilates class, free, every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday -- for everyone!

"I feel like I'm going to start squeaking pretty soon." Alyce Green said. "I've got to keep the oil in there some kind of way," Green said.

Alyce Green, who is 61 years young, stays active by going to the free Pilates class two, sometimes three times a week.

"I can't stop now," Green said. "It's like, you know, you get addicted to it."

"It's absolutely free, so that in it of itself is something so awesome for this community. It's something that is not offered everywhere," Mori Edwards said about the free Pilates class.

Edwards, who used to be a dancer, said these Pilates classes are the next best thing to being back on the dance floor.

"I've lost weight and definitely reshaped my body, gotten back into some good condition," Edwards said. "And it makes me feel really good every time I leave class."

Not only is class free, but they also offer free child care, but one of the things that the class participants are saying is priceless, are the community bonds they're able to form at the classes.

"Oh gosh! Community. Family. I love how we come together and while we're waiting to be called in we get a chance to say 'Hey, how are you, how's it going," Edwards said. "So, community, family, connection is a great thing we get to take away from being here."

You can find more info about the Pilates class and other programs L.A. Care offers at