COVID survivors: Centenarians across the world celebrate after winning their battle against virus

The elderly are known to be among the most vulnerable in the fight against coronavirus. Yet we've also heard incredible stories of recovery.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020
Centenarians worldwide celebrate beating coronavirus
CENTENARIANS CELEBRATE: Small celebrations with big cheers for a huge accomplishment! Meet the centenarians across the globe who have survived the coronavirus.

From the start of the coronavirus pandemic, we have seen how vulnerable the elderly are to COVID-19. And yet, we have also seen extraordinary stories of recovery by people who are 100 years old or older.

Small celebrations have been held after some very big victories against the pandemic.

Katherine Kraus, who beat COVID-19 at 102 years of age, was wheeled out of a specialized unit in Wisconsin.

In New Jersey, a big smile from 108-year-old Sylvia Goldscholl who's also recovering.

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"How is this for an inspiration? She was seven years old during the 1918 flu pandemic and she survived it. Last month, Sylvia tested positive for COVID-19. And now we can say she has beaten that," said New Jersey's Governor Phil Murphy.

Edith Deangelo beat the virus too. While she was in quarantine in a senior home in Pennsylvania, firefighters helped her family mark the 101-year-old's birthday and recovery.

"She's just always been a fighter, one of the strongest women I know," said a member of Deangelo's family.

In Missouri, Marine Corps veteran Max Dewesse, who is counting down the days until he's 100 years old, got a well-deserved salute. The Purple Heart recipient marched out of a rehabilitation facility after winning his battle against COVID-19.

"I've gone through hell more than once, and this came almost as close," Dewesse said.

One of the oldest known survivors of the pandemic has quite a story too.

Maria Branyas was up and walking at a nursing home in Spain after overcoming the virus at 113 years old.