Chargers players spend day off loading LA Regional Food Bank trucks to help those in need

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Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Chargers players spend day off helping local food bank
Several Chargers players used their off day to help the L.A. Regional Food Bank load trucks to help the less fortunate.

CARSON, Calif. (KABC) -- So much for a player's day off.

"Just giving back to the community is always a great thing to do," said Chargers defensive back Desmond King II

The Chargers spent the day at the Los Angeles Regional Food bank. They're moved 37,000 pounds of food to various vendors in Uchenna Nwosu's hometown of Carson.

When asked what it does to his heart to help load food trucks, Nwosu said, "It does wonders. To be able to give back to the community is always something I've done."

The line of volunteers helping load trucks Tuesday morning will help feed over 300,000 people this month in L.A. County.

"Kids, seniors, families, adults, many people who have housing, some who don't," said Michael Flood, the L.A. Regional Food Bank CEO.

Desmond King II grew up in Detroit. He started helping the less fortunate in college and finds it as satisfying as any win on Sunday.

"It makes you feel good as a person knowing you're going something positive for the community," he said.

The Chargers helped the less fortunate - and their hearts and souls in the process.