Chef Jose Andres nonprofit World Central Kitchen helps feed Ventura families with foster kids

World Central Kitchen, a nonprofit founded by renowned chef Jose Andres, is helping feed foster families in Ventura.
VENTURA, Calif. (KABC) -- They have been called "food first responders," a nonprofit run by a famous chef that feeds people after crises like earthquakes or tsunamis. And they're needed now, right here in Southern California.

World Central Kitchen is known for feeding people around the world at disaster sites. The organization has set up shop in Ventura County to feed hundreds of families with foster kids.

"The need is great. A lot of our families depend on food pantries year-round and they're used to getting a weeks' worth of food at a food pantry and now they're getting two days," said Caitlin Barringer with Kids and Families Together.

"A lot of times they'll be going and trying to get meals from the schools and the schools are running out of meals so being able to have that third place to come and get a really good home-cooked meal has been amazing," said Barringer.

World Central Kitchen was founded by renowned chef Jose Andres. His organization partners with local restaurants to provide meals, all paid for by World Central Kitchen.

"One, it provides a hot nutritious meal for the families who are having a tough time right now. And then two, it helps stimulate the local economy and keep the restaurants afloat," said Jason Collins with World Central Kitchen.

The Rincon Brewery restaurant in Ventura is working with the World Central Kitchen and Kids and Families Together to provide anywhere between 300-500 meals a day, Monday through Saturday.

"This is helping out so much, you know. It eases, it eases things at home and it's a feel-good thing. And these guys are remarkable that do this stuff," said Robert Guevara from Ventura.

We asked people how this was helping.

"A lot. You know, especially at this time. We have four kids and I really, really appreciate this. Otherwise, I don't know what's going to happen with us," said Silvia Petatan from Ventura.

There is no end date as far as how long they're going to be able to do this. As long as there's a need, they'll be here six days a week, taking care of foster families in Ventura County.
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