90-year-old Montebello flower shop reopens ahead of Mother's Day

Unique Floral Shop, a family business since 1930 in Montebello, closed in March because of COVID-19 and is reopening after LA County officials gave the OK ahead for Mother's Day.
MONTEBELLO, Calif. (KABC) -- Unique Floral Shop, a family business since 1930 in Montebello, is reopening and getting ready for Mother's Day.

The business closed in March because of the pandemic. But Los Angeles County officials have given the OK for florists to reopen starting Friday for curbside pickup.

"Very happy, very excited. Our industry needs it," said Cheryll Goto, owner of Unique Floral Shop. "What we call mom-and-pop shops, small shops, they're struggling, we're all struggling. So it's good that they can get some of their money back to pay their rent."

On a regular Mother's Day, the shop would make about 75 arrangements a day, according to Goto.

But because of the pandemic, they'll be making less this year.

"I'm happy that we have orders," said Goto. "Probably about half of what we normally do a day right now. Because of the impact of everything."

According to the Society of American Florists, 26% of all holiday flower sales are from Mother's Day. Ranking Mother's Day in the top three holidays for flower sales.
"Mother's Day is one of the biggest holidays because it's a one-weekend holiday," said Goto. "Because almost everybody has a mother. They don't all have sweethearts but they all have a mother."

The Census Bureau reports 91% of florists in Southern California employ less than 10 people, which is the case for Goto's shop. Goto said she and her employees will be practicing physical distancing when back at work.

"I have five part-time employees," said Goto. "I only have two of the five working right now. And they only work a very short period of time, as safely as they can do."

For now, the business is only taking online orders and will deliver in and around Montebello, until things get better, according to Goto.

"I'm very happy," said Goto. "I don't do well sitting at home all day long. So it gives me a purpose a reason, so it's good."

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