Compton installs city's first set of Botts' Dots in hopes of deterring street takeovers

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Wednesday, August 17, 2022
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The city of Compton installed its first set of so-called Botts' Dots as part of an effort to deter street racing and takeovers.

COMPTON, Calif. (KABC) -- The city of Compton is taking steps to prevent street takeovers.

The first set of so-called "Botts' Dots" have been installed at the intersections of Santa Fe Avenue and Compton Boulevard, and at Wilmington Avenue and Caldwell Street.

These are literal bumps in the road meant to stop tires from being able to spin out and perform donuts.

City Councilmember Andre Spicer said Botts' Dots are only being installed at the busiest intersections throughout the city.



The city of Compton installed its first set of so-called Botts' Dots as part of an effort to deter street racing and takeovers.

"These dots are supposed to stop the tires from spinning (burning rubber) which won't allow cars to do donuts and tear up the streets and the property surrounding," Spicer said in an Aug. 11 Facebook post. "Before y'all get on the posts asking/demanding we put them in your suggested intersections...we have already identified the intersections MOST used. IF they are as effective as we hope they are, THEN we will explore placing them in other intersections."

Botts' Dots pavement markers are named for Elbert Dysart Botts, a longtime Caltrans engineer who retired from the agency in 1960.

Compton Councilman Andre Spicer says community members came up with the idea to put Botts' Dots on Compton roads because of street takeovers.

The city started installing the Botts' Dots about a week ago.

"It's been an issue in the city for a while now as they're taking over the streets, holding up traffic, residents are complaining about not getting to their homes for two or three hours at a time," Spicer said.

While on Wilmington Ave. and Caldwell St., we noticed Botts' Dots were broken. One man told ABC7 that he got a flat tire from the broken Botts' Dots.

"It's very unfortunate you know, that people got to run over these things and get their tires flattened so if the city can, they can come fix them or do something about it," said Ronale Beamone, a resident in the city of Carson.

We reached out to Spicer about the broken Botts' Dots, and he said he has no comment at this time.

Spicer said Botts' Dots are coming to two more intersections in Compton at Long Beach and Alondra Blvd. and at Wilmington Ave. and Stockwell St.

If the Botts' Dots are successful, more could be coming to Compton.

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