Budget friendly technology to help kids return to the classroom

Consumer Reports weighs in on budget friendly technology to help kids as they head back to school.

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Saturday, August 15, 2020
Consumer Reports recommends top technology for students
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Consumer Reports offers some suggestions for technology that will keep kids current... with budgets in mind.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Families are gearing up for an unprecedented school year, and it could push back-to-school spending to record levels. Consumer Reports has some suggestions for technology that will keep kids current - with budgets in mind.

"At home I have only one computer. I'm thinking of buying two more or three for my girls," said Erika Mac Master.

Mac Master is still reeling from how school ended for her five kids: 88% of consumers say the coronavirus has impacted their back-to-class shopping with parents of school-aged children planning to spend an average of $789 and families of college students $1,059.

The top item both groups will be buying: a laptop. But before you buy, check with your school since technology recommendations might be different this year.

"For most school-aged kids, a Chromebook is fine, pretty much any Chromebook. That's because students are going to be using web apps, and you don't need anything special to run these apps," said Nicholas De Leon, Consumer Reports Tech Editor.

Consumer Reports recommends the Google Pixelbook Go or the Lenovo Chromebook.

"College is a different story and often that's because it depends on what your child is studying. Often the college will recommend specs or programs or just give you a list of computers to choose from," said De Leon.

Watch the video above for more recommendations for Consumer Reports.