Cool Kid Camille Ng spreads warmth to kids in need

Friday, December 16, 2016
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Our ABC7 Cool Kid for Thursday, Dec. 15, is Camille Ng, 17, a San Fernando Valley high school student spreading warmth to those around her.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- As an orphan adopted from China, Camille was raised by her parents to have compassion for those in need. That's just one of the reasons why the 17-year-old senior founded the "Hugs in a Blanket" club at her high school.

"What we do is we make these fleece, no-sew type blankets, and we donate them to children in need," she explained.

Along with other club members, including many from the school's girls soccer team, Camille said they've handmade and donated well over 800 blankets.

Many of those blankets go to elementary schools in under-served areas; others went to hospitals and foster care agencies.

"I'm just so blessed to have been adopted and brought here to America. I have had so many great opportunities here, and I have talents with crafts, so if I didn't use that to give back, it would be a waste," she said.

"She just wants to do it and take care of it and probably would not want to get any recognition for it," shared Taft High School Principal Daniel Steiner. "But she is so genuine and caring that you just want more for her."

Steiner said Camille approached him with the club idea about a year ago. He said the club has motivated other students to want to do more for their communities.

Camille said there is special meaning behind giving out fleece blankets that stems from when she was a baby.

"As a security blanket -- I had that when I was small. Some kids who are afraid of the dark and the blanket helps them sleep better," Camille said.

Besides the student club, Camille also travels to China to aid hospitalized children. She plans to go into pre-med when she finishes high school.

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