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Sunday, March 29, 2020
Coronavirus scams: LA warning about fake tests
Local authorities are warning residents to watch out for scams involving fake home-testing kits for coronavirus.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Local authorities are warning residents to watch out for scams involving the selling of coronavirus testing kits that can be administered at home.

The FDA has not authorized any home-testing kits, Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer notes.

He says the fake tests risk the health, money and identity of anyone who purchases and uses them.

"Anybody trying to sell us one is a scammer," Feuer said.

He cautions that anyone who shows up at your door claiming to have a coronavirus test could very well be a robber.

Feuer is warning about other scams, as well. Those include asking for personal information or a fee payment in association with the federal government's relief package checks.

Price-gouging in Los Angeles is also a concern.

The FBI is also issuing warning about scams and crimes associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

The FBI says it is seeing cyber criminals take advantage of the pandemic to find new ways to steal money and identities. There are emails and fundraising messages sent out from fake charities, others that claim to be from the CDC.

The FBI warns people not to give out personal information when receiving unsolicited calls, emails and texts. If it claims to be from the CDC, for example, just find the link for the CDC website yourself, rather than clicking on the one in the email.

Federal agents have also arrested a Southern California man who claimed to have invented a cure for COVID-19 and was seeking millions of dollars in investments for his company.

Anyone wanting to file a complaint with the FBI can go to the agency's Internet Crime Complaint Center. You'll be asked for some contact information, details on how you were victimized and you can also file a report with your local or state law enforcement agencies.