Stricter mask rules taking effect in many SoCal cities

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Friday, April 10, 2020
Stricter mask rules taking effect in many SoCal cities
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Stricter rules requiring face coverings in public and when entering businesses are taking effect in many Southern California cities to help slow the spread of coronavirus.

If you live in Los Angeles or a number of other Southern California cities, make sure you have a face mask when you go out in public.

In Los Angeles as of Friday, masks are now legally required, not just recommended, when visiting businesses such as grocery stores that remain open to the public. Both customers and workers at those businesses must wear face coverings under an order from Mayor Eric Garcetti.

"The worker protection order goes into effect officially this evening at midnight," Garcetti said Thursday. "So face coverings will be mandatory whenever you go to shop or work at a restaurant, store, hotel, laundromat or pharmacy that is open."

Instead of packing churches on Easter Sunday, many worshipers will watch services online.

Burbank has a similar order in place, requiring workers at grocery stores and other essential businesses to wear non-medical masks or other face coverings.

And in Beverly Hills, masks are required even when going out for a stroll in the neighborhood.

"The only way we can fight this enemy is by staying away from it as much as possible," said Beverly Hills resident Nooshin Meshkaty. "That includes keeping at home and as isolated as possible."

Many cities are also taking extra steps to ban public gatherings over the Easter weekend.

In the city of Los Angeles, all parks will be fully closed to the public on Easter Sunday. Farmers markets will also be temporarily shut down.

Traditional family activities, such as Easter egg hunts, won't be allowed.

In Beverly Hills, all parks will be closed starting at 6 p.m. Saturday through Monday morning.