SoCal family mourning loss of 2 sisters, struggling with funeral costs for loved one lost to COVID

The coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on a lot of families, including the Lara family who feel they were hit twice and are now struggling emotionally and financially.

"You hear family and friends saying that they know somebody that passed, but you never think... She was my younger sister, she was my only sister I had left," said Lorraine Reyes.

Her sister Anita passed away in February from COVID-19. Last year, Reyes lost another sister, too.

She's convinced the virus took her life as well.

"They didn't even test her at the hospital, they didn't talk about (coronavirus), it wasn't brought up. It was so new still," she said.

Reyes is overwhelmed by the loss of her two sisters as the cost of the funeral for Anita piles up.

Meanwhile, she says, the danger is not over.

"We still have to be cautious. There's new variants. What you don't know is what you don't know," she said.

What Lorraine knows is that her family will never be the same. The coronavirus pandemic has reshaped it in ways she is still struggling to understand.
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