Black Tap is now delivering iconic CrazyShakes kits to your door

ByEmily Sowa & Mackenzie Sammeth Localish logo
Monday, September 28, 2020
Black Tap now delivering CrazyShakes kits to your door
Black Tap is known across the world for its inventive, over-the-top CrazyShake milkshakes and Black Tap fans have been missing them greatly, but Black Tap found another way to innovate: DIY CrazyShake Kits!

SOHO, New York -- Black Tap is known across the world for its inventive, over-the-top CrazyShake milkshakes and Black Tap fans have been missing them greatly, but Black Tap found another way to innovate - DIY CrazyShake Kits!

Through the pandemic, Black Tap has kept fans engaged by teaching folks at home how to make their shakes at home, but now they're taking it one step further.

I knew I had to try one and Black Tap was nice enough to deliver both shakes for me to try out.

Two shake flavors are currently available - The Brooklyn Blackout and The Cake Shake; each kit comes with two shakes and customers can select their flavors.

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The kits have all the fixings for the shakes including the milkshake base, the milkshake cup with a pre-rolled candy-coated rim, and the toppings for each shake.

The Brooklyn Blackout toppings include brownies, chocolate chips, and chocolate sauce.

The Cake Shake toppings include a slice of confetti cake, a cherry and rainbow sprinkles for the Cake Shake, and whipped cream.

The launch marks the first time the CrazyShake has ever been available for delivery; given the shakes towering size, it's naturally been a challenge to the deliver the shakes, but Black Tap knew they had to figure out a way to get their famous shakes in fans hands while dining in is not an option.

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During the pandemic, award-winning burger joint Black Tap also launched Singles & Doubles - a takeout and delivery only pop-up at their original location in Soho, offering Black Tap's hit burgers, sandwiches, and milkshakes in a fresh, faster way.

The concept is Black Tap's answer to the times. It was born out of their need to innovate and pivot in a way that allows guests to still experience the incredible experience Black Tap is known for within the limitations that the pandemic has created.

New Yorkers can order the DIY CrazyShake Kit straight from Black Tap's new native ordering platform on their website.