SoCal mountain communities prepare for flooding, icy conditions as rain covers historic snowfall

Saturday, March 11, 2023
Worries grow over possible roof collapses in Crestline
Residents in Crestline are concerned over roof collapses due to the weight of snow combined with the incoming rain.

CRESTLINE, Calif. (KABC) -- Residents of Crestline who have been buried in a historic level of snow for more than two weeks are now preparing for rain Friday that could cause flooding and snow to become heavier, increasing the risk of roof collapse.

Although the rain may also help with snowmelt, San Bernardino County officials are urging residents to prepare by having extra food and water on hand, as well as by removing ice and snow from drainage areas and roofs.

County officials are also urging residents to use sandbags around their property to prevent a runoff.

The county has set up locations to pick up sandbags. But in Crestline, the sandbag distribution hasn't gone without its share of problems.

Residents of mountain communities are preparing for flooding as rain Friday will cause another weather disaster in the hard hit area.

Diana Riazi of Crestline said she went to the location county officials said residents could go to get sandbags to find that there was no one there.

"We heard that the rain was coming, and we've had so much damage due to the snow. So, we wanted to get prepared," said Riazi. "And we heard that there were sandbags at this location, 24385, and it led us here, our GPS. And, there is no one here."

Authorities say up to 1,000 sandbags will be delivered to the Crestline Community Center for residents, but that has not occurred yet as of midday Friday.

Other sandbag distribution locations can be found on the San Bernardino County website.

County officials have also begun delivering prescription medications to residents who are still unable to leave their homes.

"The county's been taking calls for people out of medications," said Paul Holaday of the Orange County Fire Authority. "We've been working with local authorities, and we have teams from the fire service that have been delivering to those residents who got those orders in."

San Bernardino County's prescription program can be used by residents unable to get their medications if they call the county line, 909-387-3911.