Crestline man conducts drone surveys of snowed-in homes to help neighbors check on damage

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Friday, March 3, 2023
Crestline man helps neighbors with drone surveys of snow damage
After the storm dumped several feet of snow on Crestline, one drone owner is helping his neighbors by conducting aerial surveys of potential damage.

CRESTLINE, Calif. (KABC) -- Residents of Southern California mountain communities are dealing with fear and frustration as many remain blocked in by feet of snow that fell during the recent storm.

In some communities, supplies are running low. In San Bernardino County, many residents are waiting for the National Guard to bring supplies.

Crestline resident Alan Taylor is doing what he can to help his neighbors.

Taylor has been flying his drone throughout the community, surveying the damage and helping his neighbors check on the status of their roofs and homes.

Some have offered to pay him, but he declines to accept money.

"If it helps somebody else then I'm more than happy to do it," Taylor said.

So far, he says every home he's inspected has survived the storm.

The reaction when he delivers that news?

"You can hear the tears starting to come and it's just thank you, thank you."