Emma Stone, Emma Thompson help create backstory for Disney villain in 'Cruella'

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Friday, May 28, 2021
'Cruella' tells origin story of Disney villain
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"Cruella" starring Emma Stone tells the origin story of the popular Disney villain from "101 Dalmations."

A new movie gives us a pair of talented Emmas who play wicked characters with wardrobes to die for.

Emma Stone and Emma Thompson help create a backstory for Disney's best-dressed villain in "Cruella."

Yes, "Cruella" is back. This live-action backstory is set in 1970s London during the punk rock revolution. We meet a grifter named Estella, played by Emma Stone - a clever, creative young woman who's had a hard life that hasn't squashed her big dreams.

"You know, it kind of stands alone as its own story of the character, not really as another piece of a story of '101 Dalmatians,' I think," said Stone.

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She goes to work for the high-fashion legend Baroness von Hellman, played by Emma Thompson. Their relationship sparks a course of events that sees Estella embracing her wicked side and transforming into her alter ego, Cruella.

Along with both Oscar-winning actresses, other "stars" of the movie are the costume designs, the hairstyles and the makeup.

"It was a team of people creating both Cruella and the Baroness. We both felt when we stepped into the costumes that the character was sort of half-built for us," said Thompson. "All we had to do was put it on and be there. And you don't always get that. Sometimes you just get a cardigan and an old pair of wellies, you know?"

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Stone also had to share a lot of screen time with a real scene-stealer - an adorable dog named Buddy.

"Oh! Buddy's a star! I remember when the photo first came out. Buddy's sitting on the back of a motorcycle. My best friend sent me a text message 'Who is this star?' and it zoomed in on Buddy," said Stone. "And I agree!"

"Cruella" will be released simultaneously in theaters and on Disney+ Premier Access on Friday, May 28.