Bumble, The League see increase in people connecting and matching during stay-at-home-order

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- While the coronavirus pandemic is keeping people physically apart, many are finding time to unite online.

Officials from dating services and apps have reported increases in people connecting and matching.

"We have users that used to log in once, maybe twice a week, now logging in multiple times a day," said Amanda Bradford, who founded the dating app The League.

Data from multiple dating apps showed an increase in direct messaging, and some users are taking it to the next step with virtual Facetime dates.

"At first, people were a little bit hesitant to hop on Facetime but now I think it's pretty much the norm," said local dating app user Camille Lasker.

Venice resident Sierra Fox went on a virtual first date that lasted two hours.

"It was sort of funny because it's different than like, if you go to dinner or you go do an activity. There was no way to pace it," said Fox.

Since the stay-at-home order is keeping many people inside with more time on their hands than usual, Bradford said data from The League has shown there is less ghosting or flakiness happening.

"We're also seeing in LA, similarly to San Francisco, a much lower flakiness rate. So, people are much more responsive, and people are matching and messaging at a much higher rate," said Bradford.

Data from Bumble has shown that there's been a 21% increase in in-app video and phone calling since March 12th.

Bradford provided some tips for a virtual first date. She suggested using natural lighting, dressing as you normally would for a first date and looking into the camera rather than at yourself.
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