Discounts on beauty gift ideas from ShopLocalish Holiday Deals and Steals

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Friday, December 3, 2021
Discounts on beauty brands from ShopLocalish Holiday Deals and Steals
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NEW YORK -- Beauty can come at a serious price because the top beauty brands end up costing you. So now is the time to take advantage of high-end products from Dr. Brandt, StriVectin, Clark's Botanicals and more.

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Still not convinced? You can rest assured you're getting the most for your money because all of these beauty products have been Glam Lab tested and approved. Since they are everyday skincare products, in this episode you'll get all the expert advice. From how and when to use the products, to why they work.

Here's a breakdown:


TIGHTENING BODY CREAM: This comes with an exfoliating body scrub and a tightening body cream. Exfoliating is vital, as skin needs to shed dead cells to help regenerate new ones, which will give your skin a glow and even tone.

A big ingredient is AHA: Alpha Hydroxy Acid. AHA is water-soluble and acts as a peel to the (dead) surface of your skin. It helps to brighten complexion, correct discoloration and improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Exfoliating is not an everyday thing. I exfoliate at least once a week but two to three times would be ideal, especially when my skin is this dry.

TIGHTENING BODY CREAM: This stuff doesn't just moisturize but will visibly tighten your skin by helping to restore its elasticity. How? Peptides.

Peptides are amino acids (which are the building blocks of protein). Our skin needs proteins such as collagen and elastin. That's how it appears fuller, firmer and younger-looking. So, peptides act as little messengers to our skin, signaling it to build collagen and elastin.

For best results, you want to try doing this system two to three times a week, exfoliating once a day, and applying the body cream one to two times a day.

(Body system price is usually $94)

TIGHTEN & LIFT TL ADVANCED TIGHTENING NECK CREAM: I recently added neck cream to my skincare routine because if you sit at a desk like I do, you may have started noticing a few more lines.

Screen time is a big culprit. Think about it: When you're looking at your computer and especially down at your phone, you're wrinkling your neck.

And I thought I could just apply my face cream a bit lower, but the skin on your neck is actually different than that on your face. It has less fatty tissue, collagen and oil glands.

So I went with this award-winning neck cream. StriVectin packed it with patented formulas that improve elasticity and visibly lift, strengthen the skin barrier as well as help even skin tone.

When applying you're going from the bra line to jaw line in circular motions. First, start at the base of the neck and apply in upward motions. (Pro tip: You always want to go against gravity.) I use this twice a day with my face moisturizer.

(This usually goes for $95)

ANTI-WRINKLE SD ADVANCED PLUS INTENSIVE MOISTURIZING CONCENTRATE: This was made specifically to help improve the visibility of wrinkles and stretch marks. It targets 10 types of collagen, and I thought there was just one.

This can be used day and night on the face or body but to really get your money's worth, I'd use this specifically wherever you want to improve any deep wrinkles, fine lines, stretch marks or discoloration.

(Price is usually $79 for this size)

Retail: $28 - $119
Deal: $14 - $59.50
50% OFF


I'm all about the brand. I have a few products from them.

PORES NO MORE PORE REFINER PRIMER: If you don't have primer in your makeup routine, this is your wakeup call. Primer is what you put on just before your makeup. It helps make your makeup look flawless and last longer by filling in creases and large pores so you have a smooth surface for application.

And this one actually absorbs any oil, too, so you have a matte base. So it's also perfect to apply as a touch-up if your face starts looking shiny.

(Usual price is $45)

NEEDLES NO MORE NO MORE BAGGAGE EYE DE-PUFFING GEL: Who doesn't need a little help under the eye? Either dark circles or puffiness, it's rare you wake up and think 'wow I look refreshed,' at least it's rare for me. And this helps when that under-eye area is looking extra rough.

After your moisturizer, you throw this gel on under your eye and it visibly tightens and brightens. It has Filmatrix technology that creates an invisible second-skin film to instantly tighten.

It also gas ingredients like caffeine and peptides to improve puffiness and bags.

(Usual price is $42)

NEEDLES NO MORE WRINKLE SMOOTHING CREAM: Specific to those expression lines. In the areas where you get botox, you want to apply a few dabs and pat it in.

(Usual price is $89)

Retail: $29 - $152
Deal: $14.50 - $76
50% OFF


During the winter, my lips feel like they are incessantly dry and chapped, and it makes sense because I don't have a lip care routine like I do for my skincare, which is why I'm super excited to add this stuff to my mix.

LIP SERUM: This is really meant to help firm up your lips and reduce the appearance of lines. It's best to use after exfoliating your lips so the product can absorb, so I would work this in with your daily, nightly skincare routine.

(Usual price is $45)

LIP MASK: It helps with hydrating and nourishing your lips. It says to leave it on for at least 15 to 30 minutes but my advice would be to sleep with it on if your lips are super dry like mine. I've added this to my nighttime routine after the serum.

(Usual price is $37)

LUXURY LIP BALM: Everyday soothing balm with great ingredients like coconut oil, beeswax, avocado oil, shea butter, vitamin E and more. Great to have in your bag, on you at all times!

(Usual price is $19)

Retail: $19 - $45
Deal: $8.75 - $22.50
50%-54% OFF


Speaking of lip balm, there's a deal on this Ultra Rich Lip Balm from Clark's Botanicals. This one hydrates and plumps your lips with anti-aging benefits as well with vitamin E and peptides to produce collagen.

(Usual price is $25)

RETINOL RESCUE OVERNIGHT CREAM: Retinol is one of those skincare buzz words thrown around and people don't exactly know what it is and it can be intimidating to try. That was absolutely me.

But when used correctly, retinol was a total game-changer for me.

Let's break it down. Retinol is a form of vitamin A that is suitable for the skin. It can help bring your cell function back to a more youthful state. which means increasing cell turnover and collagen production.

So it can have a range of benefits from combatting acne breakouts and sun damage to reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. But retinol can be intense, which is why you can only buy a

small percentage formula over the counter.

It's not necessarily for everyone and there can be side effects.That increased cell turnover could make your skin a little irritated at first, leading to redness, dryness, maybe even peeling.

So, if you don't already have it in your routine, here are a few tips. Use it at night, and start just a few nights a week.

Direct sunlight could be an irritant right after putting on retinol. I love that this is an overnight cream. If you had a big night out drinking, maybe skip the retinol from your routine that night.

This feels pretty moisturizing but because retinol can be drying when introduced. Make sure your face feels very moisturized before hitting the hay.

(Usual price is $105)

SOOTHING MARINE CREAM: This is an extremely popular everyday moisturizing cream. Two ingredients that stuck out to me were a sugar-derived glycolic acid to gently exfoliate and jasmine to soothe the skin.

(Usual price is $105)

JASMINE VITAL OIL: If you are suffering from dry skin, you want to try an oil! I also love a good oil for gua sha - it helps the tool glide instead of pull. This is also perfect to just give your skin that glowy, dewy finish and it's got anti-aging benefits, anti-oxidants. The usual price for this small travel size is only $15 but you can get the full size for $99

Retail: $40 - $105
Deal: $20 - 52.50
50% OFF



ENHANCE FACIAL OIL: This is all about hydrating your skin and protecting it from harsh radicals with antioxidant ingredients.

Among some other amazing ingredients, this has Watermelon Seed Oil, which I've noticed has become very popular in face oils. It's not greasy but still super hydrating and can calm even the most sensitive skin. When layering an oil, you want to put it on after you've cleansed and toned your face but before your moisturizer.

(Price usually comes in at $36 )

PRACEFULL BODY WASH AND BODY BUTTER If you're looking to wind down at night, incorporate some lavender. It can help relax you to begin with - lavender is used to treat things like insomnia, depressing and anxiety. When used on your skin, it's extremely moisturizing and helps unclog pores. So this is a great combo to used in and after a shower before bed.

(Usual price for body wash is $20 and body butter is $29 for this size)

BODY BUTTER DISCOVERY SET: Body butter is a thicker consistency than body lotion because it contains more oils, which helps deliver more nutrients to the skin. If you have dry skin, it's great if you want to explore the benefits of other scents, or just want a body butter with no scent.

(Usual price for all four is $40)

NAKED SKIN CREAM: Another really popular product from Oganic Bath Co is their fragrance-free skin cream. It's the perfect everyday, anywhere moisturizer.

(Usual price is $22)

Retail: $22 - $78
Deal: $11 - $39
50% OFF