Pasadena's first female deputy police chief takes charge

PASADENA, Calif. (KABC) -- She has been breaking new ground her entire career and now Deputy Chief Cheryl Moody is doing it again. She is now the first female member of the Pasadena Police Department's command staff.

"I was the first female on the SWAT force, I've worked undercover, I've worked as a prostitute."

No one will ever accuse Moody of being a pencil pusher. She has been with the force since 1992 and she is hoping to share that experience with young people interested in police work.

Moody would really like to reach out to kids in the African American community.

"You can be black and blue -- being part of the police community can be a good thing."

Moody is also leading the charge in where the department now focuses resources.

"Times have changed. Crack is no longer a problem, now we have a homeless problem and we have to adjust to meet the needs of community."

The times are changing and so is the face of the Pasadena Police Department, and Moody is leading the way.
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