Disney launches animation program at Sun Valley High School

Monday, September 23, 2019
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Disney Animation is bringing its team in for a 10-week program to teach the students at Sun Valley High School the animation world.

SUN VALLEY, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Disney Animation is bringing their team in for a 10-week program to teach the students at Sun Valley High School's film program what they need to know about the animation world.

"I'm super interested in learning about how they choose the voice actors you know for each film. How they pick the characters and how they animate them," said Anthony Rangel, a senior at Sun Valley High School.

They will learn technical skills like the technology behind an actual cartoon, and even how to fund and market an entire animated film.

In 2018 the program was set up with a brand-new production studio called Studio 24. The studio has everything from a wall length green screen, five Apple editing stations with Final Cut Pro and it is all in a soundproof space.

This all came together because of film teacher Jamal Speakes, who started the film program five years ago, and pushes for more each year including getting Disney on board with the program.

"You know I think having them here and the kids...being tangible for the kids where I can actually talk to you, you know 'animating guy,'" said Jamal Speakes, film instructor. "And you can help change the course of my life because a lot of the parents want them to do this as opposed to doing this, and I know what some of my kids go through and this could change the whole family dynamic."

With programs like the film program and Disney Animation, Sun Valley High School will be converting into a MAGNET school, because of the specialized curriculum. The new school will be called Valley Oaks Center for Enriched Studies.

Through these opportunities the faculty is hoping that their students will see that there are so many options in film and entertainment that they can take advantage of because it's right in their backyard.