Mom handed lifeless 2-month-old at Ohio daycare, police say

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Wednesday, June 26, 2019
Mom handed lifeless 2-month-old baby at daycare, police say
Mom handed lifeless 2-month-old baby at daycare, police say

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Police are investigating after a mother says she picked up her infant daughter from daycare, but found her unresponsive.

Taylor Bush says she dropped off 2-month-old Di'Yanni L. Griffin and her sons at Nana's Home Daycare last Tuesday.

Bush says she texted the daycare provider Danielle Townsend at about 2 p.m. to let her know she was coming to pick up her daughter. Townsend said that she wasn't there, but her sister was.

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When Bush arrived at the daycare, Townsend's sister greeted her at the door with Di'Yanni.

"I knock on the door, go in there and she told me my baby was breathing heavy," Bush said. "I say, 'Why didn't you call?' She had no answer."

Bush said that the sister didn't know where Di'Yanni's bottle was.

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Bush lives in the unit above the daycare and started to go upstairs when she noticed that Di'Yanni was not responding to her. She ran back down to the daycare and asked the woman for help.

Bush said she immediately called 911 and tried to perform CPR on her daughter. Bush said while this happened, the daycare provider's sister was calling the daycare provider.

"Why aren't you trying to call police?" Bush said about the sister.

Bush and her daughter were taken to the hospital in an ambulance, but Di'Yanni was pronounced dead.

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According to WEWS, representatives for the daycare have posted comments on social media claiming that Di'Yanni was sick.

The owner of Nana's Home Daycare Danielle Townsend insists she is not to blame for the death of a two-month-old who died after spending several hours there on Tuesday.

"I would never harm anybody's baby," said Townsend. "I have a child of my own."

State investigators have determined that Di'Yanni died at the daycare, supporting Bush's claim that one of its employees handed Bush an unresponsive baby.

A look into state inspection reports shows the daycare had been cited earlier this month and was found to be non-compliant in 20 areas.

The inspection report lays out a troubling picture about the daycare. During a June 3 inspection, state officials cited the daycare's provider for not having up to date first aid and CPR certification. Additionally, it also lacked current infant and child CPR certification as well.

Inspectors also found hazardous conditions in the outdoor play area, including broken glass, poison ivy and visible mold. The inspection report states that the sandbox was "contaminated." The home's porch had a hole large enough for a child to fall through. Groundhog holes were so prevalent that the front yard needed to be blocked off to prevent children from going near them.

The daycare was ordered to submit a corrective action plan to fix the issues listed above as well as a myriad of others that inspectors found, according to the report.