How to groom your pet at home

Is your pet in need of some grooming?

Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins, president of the Illinois Professional Pet Groomers Association and owner of Love Fur Dogs, has some tips on how to properly groom your dogs and cats from home.

First, Bishop-Jenkins recommends finding a high and confined space to groom smaller pets. For large dogs that tend to shed, try to work outside, she said.

"The longer or thicker the hair, the more you'll want to brush," Bishop-Jenkins said. "It should be at least weekly."

When bathing your pet, do not use products made for humans.

"The pH between dogs and people is completely different. You don't want to use people products. You don't want to use dishwashing liquid, laundry soap," Bishop-Jenkins said.

After you rinse off your dog, you must use a conditioner and then blow dry their fur afterward.

She also stressed the importance of nail clipping for your dog's long term health.

Short-haired cats only need nail clipping, but long-haired cats need combing and brushing, according to Bishop-Jenkins.
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