Dog Lodge gives senior dogs a place to live out their final days

HOUSTON, Texas -- This is a really happy story.

The Dog Lodge, in Hempstead, Texas, is a place full of joy, love, and the loss that so many of us know when saying goodbye to a friend. The nonprofit gives senior and special-need dogs a place to live out their final days.

The group takes in dogs from local shelters, rescue groups and some owners who simply can't take care of the animals anymore.

Once the canines arrive at Dog Lodge, they're met with open arms and a lot of love. The facility sits on 60 acres, with each dog getting their own room, plus the chance to spend each day with lots of couches, beds, toys and treats.

The Dog Lodge is run by volunteers, and they are restricted right now by how many dogs they can take care of. They need continued donations to keep the operation going, and to expand their foster program so they can care for more animals who need care and attention at their most vulnerable moments.

Dog Lodge founder Elaine Rosen said, "When it's time to say goodbye, we say goodbye. And what gets us through that is knowing what we were able to give these dogs while they were with us. And each one has been a blessing to us. As somebody once said to me, we allow the dogs to live with dignity and pass with grace. And that's what we do."

To learn more about Dog Lodge, or to donate, visit their website or check them out on Instagram.