VIDEO: Dolphin can't stop staring at curious service dog through aquarium window

CLEARWATER, Fla. -- An adorable interaction between two very different species that was captured on camera, is now capturing hearts.

On Feb. 2, Leo the 2-year-old service dog took a trip to a Florida aquarium.

That's where he met Hope, a playful dolphin.

Through the glass, Hope couldn't stop staring at Leo, who appeared to be very happy with and intrigued by her company.

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More than once, the two brought their faces right up to the window and just sat there smiling at each other.

The pup's owner posted to Instagram saying that Leo "LOVED" Hope and the two communicated in a "sweet way."

She told Storyful, "It seemed to me as though my service dog Leo and the dolphin Hope were communicating. Leo at first had no idea what he was looking at and seemed a little startled."

She continued to say that "the most incredible thing happened" was when Leo gazed upon the dolphin and instantly became calm.

Watch the video above to see for yourself!
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