How to earthquake proof your home or apartment for under $50

LONG BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- In the next 30 years, scientists predict California will have a massive earthquake. The big question is, are you prepared?

There are easy ways to prepare your home or apartment, and you can do it on a budget.

Jason Ballmann, of Southern California Earthquake Center, lives in a one bedroom apartment in Long Beach. He earthquake proofed it for less than $50.

What's his favorite tool? Museum wax.

The putty-like substance can be used on frames, tables and you can easily take it off by applying heat with a blowdryer. As for using it on larger furniture?

"The best thing to do is have a little simple furniture strap on that furniture," he said.

In the bedroom, items flying out of cabinets can be a hazard. For that, Ballmann recommends hooks that are easy to remove but keep those doors closed.

"A No. 1 injury after the Northridge earthquake were people that were stepping onto broken objects or glass," he said.

Debris on the ground is another reason why he keeps shoes and a flashlight behind his bed, as well as a go-bag by the door with essential items.

In the kitchen, he uses simple hooks that keep china and dishware from smashing all over the floor.

For homeowners, there are also simple ways to double down on safety. Bolting your home to the foundation is a relatively inexpensive way to minimize potential damage.

"The house will move with the foundation if it's bolted down to the foundation," Itzick Weinstein said.

Weinstein, of Weinstein Retrofitting, said on the low-end that retrofitting and bolting can start at $3,000 to $5,000. Full retrofitting can reach up to $20,000. But what's the price to pay for peace of mind? Some would argue that it's priceless.

There's no way of knowing when or where the next earthquake will hit, but a few minutes of preparation now could make all the difference in the future for your survival.

The items were found at any hardware store. You can head to for more preparation tips.
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