Ed Asner leaves legacy beyond TV cameras, tireless advocate for LA special needs community

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Monday, August 30, 2021
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Ed Asner had a successful career in front of the camera, but his legacy reached far beyond the entertainment world. He co-founded The Ed Asner Family Center which offers resources to those with special needs.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- With more than 400 TV and movie roles over the years, Ed Asner had quite a career in front of the camera. But his legacy reached far beyond the entertainment world.

Matt Asner is one of Ed's four children. He knows his dad was a beloved curmudgeon... with a big heart.

"That's the one thing I want to say about him. If you ever got his phone number, if he ever gave you his phone number and you called him to do something, chances are he probably did it for you," said Matt. "We've lost our best friend. He's, you know, our best friend and he always will be and it's difficult to come to terms with that."

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In Asner's more than 60-year career on TV alone, his overall seven Emmy wins makes him the most honored male performer in Emmy history. His appeal spanned generations. And he never stopped working.

Outside of acting, he was a strong supporter of the autism community. In 2018, Matt and his wife, Navah, founded The Ed Asner Family Center in Reseda...and Ed was a tireless cheerleader.

"It's time that the world awoke before it's too late, to train these people, to put them at ease, to ease the anguish and angst that they go through," said Ed Asner.