Investigation underway at CSU Long Beach into hate messages, threats

LONG BEACH (KABC) -- Two separate investigations are underway at Cal State University Long Beach after several student organizations received threatening and hateful messages.

Scared CSU Long Beach students said they're the target of racially charged hatred.

"We are a very left group so a lot of folks they come and try to start arguments with us but this is the first time we actually got a death threat," said Asia Gonzalez.

She's a member of the La Raza Student Association. She says last Friday a man left several comments on their Facebook page.

"This man was throwing a bunch of racial slurs. Not only at the Latina community but the black community as well," said Gonzalez.

One of the posts she sent us reads, "If I ever see a La Raza officer I'll shoot them."

Campus police said they've contacted the person they believe is behind the post. So far that's all they can tell us about that investigation.

Another attack on a student group happened this week. Students said flyers with an image of Hitler were left at the multicultural center that said "finish what he started."

"The other case involving the flyers - at this point in time there are no suspects we don't have any witnesses," said Lt. Richard Goodwin of the CSU Long Beach police department.

University officials said they're taking both threats seriously and campus police are on high alert.

"What we have here is a movement of white supremacists, of hatred and all of it we condemn and the president and I have condemned it several times," said Brian Jersky, CSULB provost and senior vice president.

Members of the La Raza Student Association said they feel the university didn't act fast enough and say it took officials days to notify other students.

But a university spokesperson says they needed to make sure that any public correspondence did not jeopardize the criminal investigation.
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