South Gate High School students fed up with rat problem in class

SOUTH GATE, Calif. (KABC) -- Students at South Gate High School say rats have taken over at least one classroom, and they're not welcome.

Students showed off pictures of rat droppings, along with a binder that had been chewed up. Some students said they've also seen puddles of urine.

"Rats carry diseases, and I'm afraid that one of us might get a disease from them, which can spread all over to the school," said student Laura Barrios.

Students think the problem is contained to one science room and want it closed down until the issue is resolved.

Officials at the Los Angeles Unified School District said they are aware of the problem. Traps have been set, and they are hoping to get the infestation under control.

But with the school year coming to an end, it is too little and too late for some.

"Our principal is trying, but we haven't seen much change," said student Laura Verdugo.

School will soon be out for summer, and everyone is hoping the rats will be out by the time the next school year starts.
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