Vallarta Supermarkets donates $110K for Latino students pursuing higher education

SYLMAR, Calif. (KABC) -- Vallarta Supermarkets announced on Tuesday a $110,000 donation to local education organizations and schools.

The money from the supermarket chain will provide scholarships for Latino students seeking a university or college education in Southern California.

Vallarta says many of their customers immigrated into the county seeking a better life, and they want to help them reach that dream.

"Given our company's immigrant roots, we recognize the importance of family, hard work and education. Consequently, we made a decision to contribute $110,000 toward scholarships for Latino students," said Rick Castillo, Marketing Director of Vallarta Supermarkets, in a statement. "Many of our customers came to this country seeking the American Dream of a better life for themselves and their families.
We want to help our customers obtain that dream."

The $100,000 donation will be shared among nine organizations, with the TELACU Education Foundation receiving the largest contribution at $25,000.

Vallarta Supermarkets is based in Sylmar and has 50 stores spanning from Fresno County to San Diego County.
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